Tet 2015


Vietnamese people celebrate the New Year with what’s called Tet. It is a particularly colourful time and one with much meaning for the Vietnamese people. Red and yellow are favourite colours at this time of year as they are thought to bring good luck.

The children at Saigon Kids enjoyed playing various Vietnamese games, listening to stories about Vietnamese culture in English, and eating different foods specially eaten at Tet time, such as Banh Tet, which is mainly sticky rice and pork or mung beans, wrapped in banana leaves.   

At Tet, families lay out a splendid feast to welcome visiting relatives and friends. Traditional Tet treats include: Banh Chung: a special rice pudding containing mung beans and pork bits, watermelons: considered lucky because of its red color and other lucky fruits: coconuts, oranges, and grapefruits.