Social Skills

Our teachers use the following six steps to help children resolve conflicts:

Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions:

Place yourself between the children, on their level; use a calm voice and gentle touch; remain neutral rather than taking sides.

Acknowledge children's feelings:

Say something simple such as "You look really upset"; let children know you need to hold any object in question.

Gather information:

Ask "What's the problem?"; do not ask "why?" questions as young children focus on what the problem is rather than understanding the reasons behind it.

Restate the problem:

"So the problem is..." using and extending the children's vocabulary, substituting undesirable words (e.g. stupid) if necessary.

Ask for solutions and choose one together:

Ask "What can we do to solve this problem?" Encourage children to think of a solution but help if the children are unable.

Be prepared to give follow-up support:

Acknowledge children's accomplishments. Stay nearby in case anyone is not happy with the solution.