At Saigon Kids we view curriculum as everything that happens during our time together with the children. We believe that each moment offers an opportunity to explore relationships and to create a community that nurtures children, teachers, and families. Each moment holds a range of feelings and interests. There are always questions to pursue, hypotheses to investigate, and discoveries to celebrate. Curriculum happens all day, in every routine, action, interaction, and rearrangement of the room.

We begin each school year with attention to creating a simple, beautiful environment, one that invites curiosity and exploration. Areas of the room have uncluttered shelves with open-ended materials and objects from the natural world to supplement basic early childhood supplies like blocks, puzzles, play dough, and dress-up clothes. Bulletin boards are empty in the first weeks, ready to be shaped by the life of the classroom, rather than filled with decorations created by adults.

In our classroom spaces, children have opportunities to engage in sensory exploration, drama play, block building, game playing, puzzle work, writing and drawing, and reading. You’ll see children playing with their peers or alone, building with blocks, dressing up, immersed in constructing with Legos or blocks, up to their elbows in goop or play dough, reading books, sorting tiny objects, or writing letters and drawing pictures. You’ll see teachers watching and listening to children, documenting their play with photos and notes, offering resources to support and extend their play, and playing alongside children. We believe that children learn as they pursue their passions and questions; our job, we believe, is to deepen and extend that learning.