Outdoor Classroom


As you enter through the gates of Saigon Kids centre, you immediately notice something unique in the busy city of Saigon. Serene, calm and green, the outdoor classroom welcomes children, staff and parents to this amazing space. A stretch of green grass, surrounded by coconut trees, a pebble sided sandpit, and a separate bamboo enclosed area all enable children to experience well-presented activities within a beautiful natural setting.

The outdoor classroom promotes children’s learning as fun and engaging. Extended periods of time to play enable children to have time and space to try things out. The natural space is inviting, engaging and spacious. It enables children time in the fresh air; time to run; splash in the small pool; blow bubbles, swing on the tyre, walk on the stepping stones; whatever they want to try.

Teachers select developmentally appropriate activities based on the children’s interests. The children’s natural curiosity, self discovery then drives the activity and it takes on its own form, through their experience of the materials. Teachers take great care and time to present materials and equipment in an inviting manner.

Teachers guide children to explore within a safe and healthy environment. Children have varying opportunities to create, manipulate, experiment, experience ‘trial and error’, and to ‘just be’.