Indoor Learning Environment

Inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, who see the environment as a ‘third teacher’ for children's learning, we aspire to create beautiful indoor environments that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, flexible, and rich in sensory experiences. 
Colour, light, mirrors, shadows, and textures are all used to enhance the environment, invite exploration, and engage children in learning according to their individual interests and levels of ability.
As with our outdoor learning environments, our indoor environments are carefully planned to promote choice, encourage social interactions, inspire imaginations,  and invite open-ended exploration. They provide children with opportunities for both independent and shared learning experiences, and offer large blocks of time so that they can revisit ideas, practice skills, solve problems, and engage deeply in what interests them.  
With time to explore their interests, interact, and play alongside their teachers and peers, we believe our indoor environments have the ability to nurture relationships, support each child’s sense of wellbeing and belonging, and enhance all aspects of learning and development.