In 2012 Saigon Kids management decided to move the school from District 3 to District 2 to better reflect a Reggio Emilia learning environment and philosophy. The school property now presents as a delightfully natural space, serene, calm and green, inviting, engaging and spacious.  We are very proud to have one of the largest natural outdoor play-spaces for young children.
The outdoor learning area was designed in conjunction with an American Company, famous for their natural play-scape designs. The construction process was a 24 hour, 7 day a week effort completed in 2 months, transforming the villa into our beautiful school today.
In 2016 Saigon Kids in line with our inspiration of a Reggio Emilia philosophy an atelier/art studio and cooking lab were built as part of our 20 years birthday celebrations.

Construction of Saigon Kids New Premise in District 2

Construction of the Atelier/Art Studio and Cooking Lab

Swimming pool

Our swimming pool is surrounded by bamboo trees the setting is very tranquil with both shady and sunny areas. This strictly supervised area is a hit for all toilet trained children 2.5 years and older. The children have class ‘swimming time’, one morning each week. Children have the opportunity to build water confidence and explore math and science concepts like floating sinking, physics (flow, motion), chemistry (solutions, cohesion), mathematics (measurement, equivalence, volume) using everyday items like clear tubes, bottles, buckets, sponges, and often plastic tables and chairs to sit at, in the pool. We do not do formal swimming lessons.

Younger children certainly don’t miss out with water experiences, using the numerous large tubs or small swimming pool and overhead sprinkler system to keep cool and explore the same concepts as the older children Also engaging in those very important social, emotional concepts of sharing, waiting for your turn, problem solving, negotiating, all combine to make water experiences a fantastic learning time.