Cooking Lab

Our cooking lab is a rather unique feature in any early childhood learning centre. This learning space is a very recent addition to Saigon Kids, the motive is that it will be a space that promotes and invites children to develop a culture of food, aimed at building relationships between pleasure and health.
Our vision is that this will become a place for children to explore and investigate the possibility of taste-smell-color wizardry and ways to transform foods. 
Food does not merely involve the act of eating, it is a sensorial experience that cultivates culinary knowledge. 
Children have already prepared fabulous fruit salad, sumptuous sushi, glorious gateaux, sensational smoothies and delightful delicacies of their own creation and in the process experienced the richness of delicate dialogues and “fragrant” messages between children and teachers.
“We must not forget that one of the most important links between people and food is the principle of pleasure: the pleasure that derives from using the senses but also the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of manipulating raw materials to create foods, the pleasure of play and the pleasure of company, which at the table becomes sociability.”  - Alessandra Fabbri