The Arts

Art and Craft

Art enhances the development of a wide range of perceptual, physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional skills. Many early childhood programmes focus exclusively on young children creating art. At Saigon Kids we also emphasise the importance of appreciating art. The arts also present opportunities to involve families and connect children to the artists, art venues and culture in their community. Our art curriculum breaks down into three main areas.


Visual Arts

Each week children are encouraged to spend extended periods of time exploring with art materials. They are not limited to creating with two dimensional media, such as paint, pastels, chalk etc, but also create with playdough, clay, wire, junk-modelling. The children are encouraged to progress at their own pace from random to deliberate marks, simple to elaborate forms. We use art activities to promote and enhance children's learning in all areas for example drawing our favourite story character or paint stamping a sequence/pattern of pictures.


Dramatic Play

At Saigon Kids we deliberately capitalise on the learning opportunities inherent in children's role playing and representational activities, particularly in the realm of language, literacy and interpersonal skills (Ansbach, 2001). Children are encouraged to act out stories based on books they have read or ideas they have invented. Through this they are engaged in creating dialogue and props using and developing their linguistic and artistic skills. Our teachers then help children reflect on their dramatic experiences to enhance a variety of linguistic, spatial and temporal concepts.


Movement and Music

Using sequenced activities in movement our teachers work with children to act on movement directions, describe motions, move in non-locomotor and locomotor ways, feel and express beats and express creativity in movement. The children's music activities focus on moving to music, identifying sounds, singing, developing melody and playing simple instruments. Our teachers integrate music with literacy, math etc. throughout the daily routine as opportunities arise.